Shell and tube heat exchangers

Looking for a heat exchanger for industrial, commercial, or institutional use? Then a heat exchanger that can withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressure like Shell and tube exchangers should be your pick. Most well-established industries have put their trust in this particular exchanger for decades. The exchanger consists of a shell with a tube bundle encased inside it. Modern manufacturers have adapted its compact, simple yet effective design.

Why Shell and Tube Exchangers

These exchangers have proved instrumental inefficient heat transfer up to a thousand degrees. It is a one-stop solution for cooling in turbine, engine, mining industry and hydraulic power stations. Its fascinating design allows both condensing and evaporating the steam produced. So well designed that it can be easily dismantled for either clean or repair. A basic pressure test would reveal all the leaks or holes in the tube. The Shell tube heat exchanger is pocket-friendly compared to other coolers.

Important parts of the exchanger

    • Front head- Where fluid enters into the exchange tube
    • Rear head- Where fluid leaves the tube side and re-enters the front side.
    • Tube bundle – comprising tube, baffles and tube sheets.
    • Shell

Reasons why Shell and tube exchangers are the best

    • The product is thermally compatible, corrosion-resistant with high quality shell and tube material. As the heat flows from a region of hot to cool place or vice versa, the process is thermally efficient.
    • The shell and tube exchanger has an outer pressure shell of steel, and the inner shell of metal alloy like nickel, aluminum, copper and carbon.
    • The tube length is very crucial in this exchanger. More length provides more surface area hence more heat exchange. The company has taken initiatives to produce a perfect baffle design. But why baffle is essential anyway? The reason is baffles support the tubes and thereby reduce any vibrations produced in the tubes, which reduces wear and tear. They also increase turbulence which enhances heat transfer.
    • In heat exchangers, generally, minerals can build up which not only reduces its efficiency but also causes excessive pressure drop inside the exchanger. It also reduces the longevity of the exchanger. But the shell and tube heat exchangers produced by are built to be easily disassembled to remove deposits.

Wrapping up

Shell and Tube heat exchangers come into the picture where there is a need for efficient heat exchange with high temperatures and pressures. Exchangers like these are more reliable and rugged. Many customers over years have relied on for shell and tube heat exchangers of high quality, advanced design, affordable prices, and timely delivery. is committed to providing a quick response to your coil needs.  Apples to Apples, we guarantee the lowest price and best lead times on exact fit replacement coils. Our experts have years of field training for hands-on knowledge and rigorous application training to help you get the best fit and best performance coils available.  

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