Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Need the highest efficiency heat exchangers for your equipment?

Want to improve your cooling efficiency and save utility costs?

Plate & frame heat exchangers are the best choice! These devices are designed specifically to meet the heat exchange requirements of the various types of equipment while at the same time cut running costs. This is why they are so popular among manufacturers using heavy machinery at their plants.

Why Plate Frame Heat Exchangers?

Plate heat exchangers deliver effective, efficient performance in tough heat-exchange usesfrom HVAC to Industrial specialties. The custom demands of pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturers and food processors make plate & frame heat exchangers the top choice. Our heat exchangers provide outstanding design and construction, reliable heat transfer, long life, economical daily operation, and limited repair/maintenance. The flexible designs make them perfect for multiple industries. So, cooling, heating, evaporation, heat recovery, and even condensation, no matter how unique your requirements are, you can trust our experts to design the ultimate plate and frame heat exchanger for you!

A peek into the exchangers!

The plate & frame design requires almost zero maintenance. It is quite easily serviceable. This makes them ideal for industries where machines are always active and cannot stay idle for a long time for maintenance purposes. During all these years in the market, we have catered to refrigeration, HVAC, dairy & food, engine cooling, chemical processing, power generation, and even the oil production industry. Suited for all kinds of applications, our heat exchangers are made from the best quality raw materials, designed by the industry experts to provide you with premium devices that offer optimal performance.

Types of plate & frame heat exchangers

  • Gasketed
  • Brazed
  • Welded
  • Semi-welded

Here are the few features you can expect from all types of plate frame heat exchanger

  • The U value is higher than that of the other alternatives
  • Impressive temperature control
  • Easily expandable as per the growing needs of the equipment
  • Fewer chances of contamination
  • Less fouling

Why us?

Our international standard quality, innovative designs, timely delivery, and competitive price are the reasons why the clients keep coming back to us, every time they require premium heat exchangers for their equipment.

At, we understand that each industry differs from the other and so do their requirements. This is why we offer complete customization of our plate and frame heat exchangers as required by your equipment and processes. All you have to do is provide us with the company details, preferred construction materials, performance criteria, design properties and we will present you with the ultimate heat exchanger solution for your application! is committed to providing a quick response to your coil needs.  Apples to Apples, we guarantee the lowest price and best lead times on exact fit replacement coils. Our experts have years of field training for hands-on knowledge and rigorous application training to help you get the best fit and best performance coils available.  

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