Spiral Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger works in the principle of temperature difference gradient. Apart from the traditional heat exchanger, a spiral heat exchanger can handle the transfer of heat from either liquid-liquid or two-phase exchange like liquid-gas. Thanks to its helical coils for which it gives more surface area in lesser volume and reduces the risk of thermal expansion to a minimum. The spiral or helical heat exchanger is instrumental in industries like petrochemical, refineries, paper & pulp along with that in sewage treatment plants, pharmaceutical, etc.
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Why spiral or helical heat exchanger is better than others?

They are highly reliable with robust, compact volume that is easily maintained. The helical heat exchanger uses low pressure, lesser pumping energy and maximizes the heat exchanging design. It is also pocket-friendly unlike Shell and tube exchangers where installation costs are higher. Spiral heat exchanger eliminates extra charges for pipework and steel to save money.
Its outer body is welded with steel, stainless steel, cupronickel,  and bolted appropriately to eliminate any gaps that may lead to unnecessary leakage.

Design features of Discountcoil.com spiral heat exchangers

  • Our entire product line has minimal fouling and dirt accumulation that can hamper the products working efficiency. It can withstand high viscous media without affecting performance.
  • The product is designed to save maintenance costs. It is also self-cleaning when the dirt gets accumulated in the pipes the velocity of the water increases which cleans up the tube itself without interrupting in the service
  • Energy loss is a massive issue in today’s helical heat exchangers. Discountcoil.com has taken initiatives to ensure that the product saves energy compared to other products in the market.
  • The company believes that every other industry has different needs. And to fulfill the requirements the company produces best suited customized products that would not only replace the original but exceed the original specification.
  • Sometimes a failed heat exchanger can stop an entire production line. Discountcoil.com maintains many heat exchangers in stock and has a record of timely delivery of product right to your doorstep.

Why Discountcoil.com is ‘The Best’

Undoubtedly there is a reason for which most of our clients reach us through referrals or repetitive visits. We ace in every professional aspect that a company should do to set the benchmark for its rivals. Starting from the timely delivery and reasonable prices to customization and quality products, we prove to be a complete value for money.

Make sure that you bring us every minute detail ranging from the design attributes to overall performance. Reach us with your company details, design properties, and we assure you to offer the best-in-class heat exchanger solution for your industrial or commercial needs.

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