Evaporators and Condenser

Even the smallest products that we see or use every day can have substantial detailed machines working behind them. Such is the case of evaporators and condensers. Starting from the HVAC systems in commercial, industrial fields to military and navy, these devices are an instrumental part of many life-saving machines.

The headache of finding replacements

Nothing can beat the plight of the heat exchanger systems not working to meet the application requirements. The alternative becomes necessary when the old product isn’t able to perform as a unique phase change heat exchanger.

DiscountCoil.com is the one-stop solution to all your heat exchangers. The company has been serving its customers since 1985 and has made the perfect replacements for heating and cooling systems since the day of its inception. The range of heat exchangers is extensive at DiscountCoil.com. The evaporators and condensers that we provide can be utilized in the broadest range of options in the industry.

Fields where our evaporators are used

The entire concept of evaporators revolves around converting the liquid state of any chemical substance into vapor. The process of evaporation is used in many food processing industries as well as confectionaries for concentration processes like that of concentrating liquid foods.
Besides that, evaporators are also used in the desalination process in the sea to separate the desirable drinking water from the undesired salt or solute.
Evaporators are also used for Kraft Pulping as well as military. We can offer you a wide range of evaporators starting from the natural or forced type to the circulation evaporators. Ranging from the food and the beverage industry to the pharmaceutical industry and Aerospace & Military, everyone has embraced our evaporators equally for more excellent usability.

The exact use of our condensers

Condensers do just the opposite of evaporators and are used for condensing a gaseous substance into a liquid state through lowering the temperature. The condensers that we provide are used in thermal power stations as a shell and tube heat exchanger, industrial-scale distillation and many other sectors of the commercial field for mostly preserving things or to create something using heat exchange. The types of condensers that we provide include water-cooled, air-cooled and evaporative condensers.

Why trust DiscountCoil.com?

Whether it’s a condenser coil or an evaporator coil, the company is very particular about its product quality. Most of the components are assembled in machines hence leaving very little chance of faults. The company believes in customer satisfaction, ensuring timely delivery of authentic evaporator and condenser right to your doorstep.

We at Discountcoil.com understand that each appliance is different from other hence producing customized compatible evaporator and condenser for different devices according to the requirement. Instead of choosing overpriced name brands, let discountcoil.com serve your needs. Every effort is made to provide the best evaporator and condenser in the market; hence, we have gathered a lot of positive feedbacks from thousands of buyers across the country.

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