Why Do HVAC Coils Fail?

HVAC CoilsIndustrial HVAC systems have a lot of moving parts any one of which can fail and disable the system or make it massively inefficient. One such issue is the need for carrier evaporator coil replacement. If this happens routinely, carrier ac evaporator coil replacement cost can run high. To learn why coils fail, read on.


HVAC systems of all types rely on filters and coils. If neither is maintained or cleaned, the coil will default to act like a filter. When this happens, dirt builds up on the coil and heat transfer is prevented by the blockage. This can cause a 20 to 40 percent drop in performance. Resistance is also created by dirt buildup and that in and of itself can lead to coil failure.


Industrial HVAC systems are massive with a lot of powerful machinery. If part of the system is malfunctioning it can cause vibration. If the coil is next to a moving piece of equipment, that also can cause vibration. Condenser coils are usually the coils that are affected most by vibration but a carrier air conditioner evaporator coil can also be affected.


Coils are vulnerable to any number of corrosive elements inside and out. For example, if you’re located near the ocean, the salt air can be murder on the tubes and will eat them away eventually. Coating the tubes in some cases can help. Internally, untreated water can lead to corrosion. One way of gauging if there is a corrosive water element to the coil failure is to track when it fails. If the cause is internal and less than a year after installation, chances are very good you have water that is the problem.

Design Flaws

Many HVAC systems are simply not designed properly. This includes placement of the coil and even system components. Merely replacing one bad coil with another good coil will only ensure the good coil starts its process of failure. If that is the case, look to any modifications to the initial layout and then look at the initial layout and adjust accordingly.

There are many reasons why HVAC coils fail. Finding low-cost replacements, if it happens enough, becomes critical until the system can be modified to deal with the propensity of the coils to fail. If you need carrier evaporator coil replacement, you should first try and figure out why and then proceed to fix the root cause as well as the coil replacement.

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