Food Processing Heat Exchangers

In food processing applications, Plate Heat Exchangers stand out for a number of important reasons. For many such applications, Sanitary Plate Heat Exchangers are the spec of choice. They are easily and safely dismantled, so that they can be cleaned and inspected to the rigorous standards required by the food processing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

They can be constructed of hygienic materials—including stainless steel and special gasketing—in the areas that come into contact with foods. They provide reliable separation of fluids, preventing contamination of food products. They can transfer heat rapidly and efficiently to large volumes of fluids, and can be made with wider plate separation to handle viscous or “chunky” fluids.

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Food Processing Heat Exchangers

All these construction details and thermal characteristics of Sanitary Plate Heat Exchangers make them prime choices for heating, pasteurizing, or cooling foodstuffs. And the units´ compact size and light weight mean that they can be installed where needed in food processing plants, with the capability to expand capacity easily.

For expert help in integrating plate heat exchangers into any food processing plant, please contact us. We’ll be glad to assist at any phase in the preparation of your food processing system.