Planning to purchase Spiral Heat Exchangers? Know the Detailed Attributes of them!

Spiral heat exchangers are an integral part of oil and gas, petrochemical and refineries, pharmaceutical, mining, waste-water treatment, paper and pulp, food processing, alcohol, and chemical industries, to name a few.

In this blog, you will get to know some of the detailed attributes of them.

The design of the spiral heat exchanger involves rolling a couple of metal plates embedded with a center core. The main purpose of this pattern is to integrate two passages for concentric spiral flow. Each passage will handle the flow of one fluid.

In addition to that, the edges of the plate undergo welding to ensure that the fluid stays within the passage. It is essential for preventing the intermixing and bypassing of the flow. The spacing and width of the plates are maintained accordingly for easy access and proper heat transfer.

The spiral heat exchanger plays a vital role in many commercial applications. Moreover, it also has unique benefits over other types of heat exchangers.

Advantages of Using Spiral Heat Exchangers

Here are some of the benefits that you get from implementing the spiral heat exchanger.

Embedded with Passages That Self-Cleans

The single-flow passages present in the spiral heat exchangers consist of high shear rates to eliminate the deposits. This is known as the self-cleaning attribute of the spiral heat exchangers.
The chances of problems originating in the spiral heat exchangers are reduced because of the above mentioned advantage. In addition to that, it also enhances the tough fluid handling capacity such as media, sludge, and slurries, etc. Therefore, the spiral heat exchangers are highly preferable over others.

Thermal Efficiency is High

The single flow passages of the spiral heat exchangers ensure efficient flow distribution and high heat transfer along with heavy turbulence. The heat transfer coefficients of spiral heat exchangers are considerably 50-100% greater than that of shell & tube heat exchangers.

Compact & Easily Accessible

The size of the spiral heat exchanger is compact and does not require a lot of space for installing. It comes with removable covers, which serve as a better servicing feature. They help in faster inspections, maintenance, and services whenever required.

Diverse Application of Spiral Heat Exchangers

The spiral heat exchangers are available in two types that include single-phase flow and two-phase flow heat exchangers. They both are quite different in their properties and are used for an extensive range of applications.

The single-phase flow heat exchanger that supports liquid-liquid heat transfer is implemented for applications such as product coolers and heaters, sludge digesters, interchangers, and heat recovery economizers.

The two-phase flow heat exchanger that promotes vapor to liquid heat transfer is put into effect for applications that include steam heaters, vapor condensers, column reboilers, vaporizers, and overhead reflux condensers.

Multiple industries understand the efficacy of spiral heat exchangers to help you get productive outcomes.

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