Common Causes of Evaporator Coil Leakage

Evaporator Coil LeakageAre you trying to master the temperamental needs of your business or warehouse’s A/C evaporator coils? Leakage from these components can be an issue for effective heating and cooling, energy costs, and safety. Here’s what you need to know about identifying and managing evaporator coil leakage and how to best consider your heating coil replacement cost.

Typical Causes

You may have either noticed a leak or spotted that the refrigerant is low in one of your A/C units. The warning signs have appeared, and your evaporator coil may be trying to tell you that it’s finished.

Copper is a main tubing material in evaporator coils, and brazed joints and screws help connect them effectively. However, if these connecting points become loose or the welding on them wears out, then leaking can occur. It’s worth noting that leaks caused by poor welding jobs usually show themselves pretty soon after you first start using a unit.

If the leakage has just started after a few years of effective use, then the culprit is likely something else. This manifest damage later in a unit’s life may be a result of the copper tubing inside of the evaporator coil simply wearing out over time from repeated use. The solution to such an issue isn’t just a fresh welding job but replacing the evaporator coil entirely.

Some Alternative Risk Factors

Corrosion within an evaporator coil over time can increase as a result of certain fumes in the air of a factory or a building unit. If contaminants, toxins, or other fumes are an expected component of a work environment, then it means you’ll need to be that much more proactive in your A/C maintenance to foresee leaks and broken coils before they occur. Adequate air filters can be helpful, but they don’t entirely solve the risk involved. Truly, properly scheduled maintenance is key.

What You Should Do about It

It may be time to get those evaporator coils replaced and to consider a professional to help you do so. Consider getting a rapid price quote on your business’ Evaporator coil replacement from Discount Coil today! Guaranteed lowest prices & shortest lead times. Exact fit replacement coils. Fill out our rapid quote form or call toll free 877-413-3060.

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