AC Coils: Tips to Keep Them in Best Condition during winters

Today, most industrial and commercial establishments are air-conditioned. It acts as an HVAC unit for comfort and is used for industrial purposes in plants and laboratories. However, since it is cold these days, you might turn off the unit or use dual cooling and heating function. Whatever the case might be, you shouldn’t neglect their maintenance. That’s right; here’s all you can do to keep your carrier AC coils in the best condition during the cold season.

Why do AC coils need maintenance?

The carrier ac coils are a vital component of an air conditioner. Just as you would routinely clean or replace the filters, the coils also need routine maintenance. Jammed filters will start working perfectly once they’re cleaned. But when it comes to coils, the damage is nearly irreversible. Also, since the weather is cold outside, you want to ensure it maintains optimum temperature without freezing the coils.

Cleaning tips

  • If the surrounding area is dusty or there is vegetation, outdoor condenser coils can soon get dirty. Additionally, you should keep debris and dirt away. Dirt and debris may come from your lawnmower, dryer vents, or falling leaves. To ensure proper airflow around the condenser, clean the vicinity, clear away any garbage, and cut back any vegetation by at least 2 feet (0.6 meters).
  • If you have more than simply dust on your evaporator coil, you may need extra cleaning. Luckily, it is easy. You only need a few spray bottles, mild dishwashing soap, white vinegar, warm distilled water, and a soft bristle brush.
  • If you encounter an accumulation of mold, mildew, or algae, you won’t be able to remove it with a mild detergent solution. In this situation, use a foaming cleaning solution; preferably the one made especially for HVAC systems.

These were some easy and safe cleaning tips for your air conditioner coils. However, if one or both coils show significant damage like leaks, holes, or rust, get a carrier evaporator coil replacement immediately!

Prevention tips

Here are a few things you can ensure to keep your coils from getting worn out early.

  • Keep the space around your indoor unit dust-free and clean.
  • Give your outdoor unit a monthly rinse with water to get rid of dirt and debris.
  • When cleaning the coils, never use harsh chemicals like chlorine since they can corrode them.
  • Keep the condensate pan clean to prevent mold growth and water backing up.
  • If your air conditioner doesn’t have a dual heating function, turn it off during winter. Otherwise, the coils might get frozen, further damaging the internal components.


Evaporator and condenser coils are among the key components of an HVAC unit. They are primarily responsible for heat exchange in your air conditioner, which needs to be in good shape. However, if your AC’s coils have worn out or been damaged in any way, don’t worry. We at Discount Coil emerge as your no.1 trusted carrier coil replacement manufacturer and supplier. All our AC coils are engineered by experts making exact-fit replacement coils that are high quality and super affordable. Need a replacement coil urgently? Submit a rapid quote today!

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